Linea bumper

Creates safety and security for the baby

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The beautiful Linea by Leander® cot bumper is made from a soft and durable high quality cotton, and fits the Linea by Leander® baby cot. 100% cotton. Filling: 100% polyester


High quality is our priority

The beautiful Linea by Leander® cot bumper is made from a soft and durable high quality cotton.

The cot bumper's fit and function

Linea by Leander® cot bumper is a half-size bumper – this means that it only covers one half of the cot. This ensures proper air flow to the baby for optimal sleep and the natural regulation of the temperature in the bed. If you wish to cover the entire cot, 2 cot bumpers can be used.

The cot bumper fits the Linea by Leander® baby cot, and can be moved around in the bed and screen to where it is most needed. The cot bumper also fits all the cot positions: high, low and with three sides.

Fine details

No detail has been overlooked - the cot bumper features decorative stitching and polka dot ties for securing the cot bumper to the outside of the rails.

• H: 30 cm, D: 2 cm, L: 181 cm
• 100% cotton. Filling: 100% polyester
• Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles
• Can be machine washed at 40 degrees
• Secures with cute polka dot ties
• Available in 5 beautiful colours: dark grey, misty blue, soft pink, spicy yellow, warm purple

The concept behind the Linea by Leander® textile collection

The textile collection for Linea by Leander® brings colour to the furniture and compliments its simple shape and clean lines. A simple, subtle design with focus on the details and excellent fabric durability.
The collection has been designed to allow the user to play with colour combinations and express personal style. The products are available in a variety of carefully selected colours that mix and match. The collection includes both colours for the classic boy/girl universe and vivid colours that allow users to mix and match. The wide variety of colour combinations make it possible to create different looks in a child's room - tranquil calmness for the baby and a burst of colours for the toddler.

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- a life in growth -

With birth, a long and exciting journey begins. Your baby will learn how to hold its head, control its hands, turn, crawl and walk. But to do so, your baby’s senses need stimulation. Encourage your baby’s development through movement. It strengthens the senses, balance and motor skills. 

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