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Your child’s room is first and foremost, his or her own space, where there is room to play, without too many impediments. The Leander® dresser has four roomy drawers to help you keep your child’s clothes, toys, and all the other things, neat and tidy.

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Classy storage

The child’s room is a haven for play and fun. A place for your child to let the imagination run wild and to immerse in a game; as a pirate sailing the seven seas. A princess high up in the castle. Or a firefighter fighting flames.

When children are playing, they use a lot of space. They play on the table, with boxes and on the floor. Therefore, it is a good idea to think of practical storage solutions for toys and clothes. 

It should be easy to find what is fun

It should be easy for your child to find his or her toys, and it should be easy to keep everything neat and tidy. You can say that everything should have its own special place in the room. So that it is ready for new adventures.

Each drawer has soft-close – no squeezed fingers. No sharp edges. Dresser is designed with the characteristic soft, round Leander edges.

A dresser for a little bit of everything

The dresser can be used as storage room for more or less everything. For clothes and socks. Soft toys and books. It has three large and two small soft-close drawers.

It is practical to invest in furniture that grows with your child. The dresser can be used in the child’s room, the teenage room and in the office. The soft lines and the simple details make it suitable for most rooms.

The best way to experience the Leander® dresser is to visit your local Leander retailer. Find your retailer now. Call in advance and make sure they have it in their showroom.

  • H: 91 cm, W: 94 cm, D: 55 cm
  • Available in white
  • Supplied with felt handles in grey
  • Soft-close drawer
  • Made of MDF
  • Finished with water-based lacquer

Included accessories

  • Gra Filt Handtag
    Filtgreb - grå

Additional accessories available

  • Gra Filt Handtag
    Felt handles - Grey
  • Greb_læder_natur
    Leather handles (several colours)
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- a life in growth -

Sleep is important. Even for small super heroes. Sleep refuels the body and gives the little hero courage to set off on new missions. Sleep gives energy to learn. In fact, sleep is just like spinach. It makes you strong as an ox and filled with power to embark new adventures. 

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You have probably heard it before: Turn off you mobile. There must be something to it, after all. Too much noise at the dinner table can make it hard for your child to concentrate – which may ultimately dim your child’s appetite.