Does this cradle give you super powers?

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Vugge Hvid I Med Stativ Og HimmelVugge Sort Med Stativ Og Himmel
Hardly. But you’ll agree that sleep is very important, right? Little superheroes need their sleep. Lots of it. Sleep refuels the body and gives the little agent the courage to set off on new mission. Sleep helps the brain and body to grow. A baby’s cradle has to be safe and secure. But it also has to stimulate the child’s development. This is all integrated into the design of the Leander® cradle.

Let's swing! Stimulation of balance, senses and motor skills..

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More than a cradle

Hung from a ceiling hook or resting in its frame, the cradle is fixed to a single point. There’s freedom of movement in all directions. Relaxes you child, and stimulates her or his senses, balance and motor skills. Maybe not super powers – but totally cool!

The cradle emerges from the idea to unite design and function. Especially newborns need to feel that there is something around them. They do not like to be in a bed that is too big. The oval shape of the Leander® cradle encloses the baby and creates a safe, little space.

Rock your child’s senses and motor skills

With a gentle push, the oval cradle is set in movement and your child will feel the familiar and rocking sensation known from the time in the belly. The child can set the cradle into slight motion. This makes the child conscious of its own body and what it is capable of doing.

The best way to experience the Leander® cradle, its materials and movements is to visit your local Leander retailer. Find your retailer now. Call in advance and make sure they have it in their showroom. 

  • Cradle: H: 30 cm, W: 50 cm, L: 83 cm
  • Stand: H: 197 cm
  • The stand has been surface treated with water-based lacquer
  • Cradle bag: 100% cotton and washable at 60 degrees C
  • Available in white and grey

Included accessories

  • Krog Frit
    Ceiling hook

Additional accessories available

  • Krog Frit
    Ceiling hook
  • Top Mattress 1000X1000
    Top Mattress
  • Leander Cradle Sheet Soft Pink 2000X2000
  • Himmel Hvid 1000X1000
    Canopy White
  • Unavngivet 3
    Stand white
  • Bedding Zoom Light Grey 1
  • Vuggemadras
  • Unavngivet 2
    Stand Grey
  • Himmel Blaa 1000X1000
    Canopy Light blue
  • Himmel Lyseroed 1000X1000
    Canopy Soft Pink
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Little details

With birth, a long and exciting journey begins. Your baby will learn how to hold its head, control its hands, turn, crawl and walk. But to do so, your baby’s senses need stimulation. Encourage your baby’s development through movement. It strengthens the senses, balance and motor skills. 

Illustration Vaeggeur
Illustration Zzz

Sleep is important. Even for small super heroes. Sleep refuels the body and gives the little hero courage to set off on new missions. Sleep gives energy to learn. In fact, sleep is just like spinach. It makes you strong as an ox and filled with power to embark new adventures.