Baby cot

The budding superhero

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A good bed is much more that just an item of furniture. Corny? Maybe. But we believe that a good bed is an investment in your child’s well-being. Even super-heroes need their beauty sleep. Sleep is that secret ingredient, which gives children the energy they need to learn. Sleep helps the brains and bodies to grow. And sleep recharges the batteries.

I'm growing. And so is my bed.

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From baby to junior bed

The Leander® bed follow your child. The bed is built to last – in more ways than one. It takes just an Allen key and a couple of screws to change the design and function. Like it takes Clark Kent only a second to become Superman. Five great beds in one. Simple and totally cool.

When you buy the Leander® bed you only need to invest in a bed once. The bed grows with your child. Start by using the bed with the bottom and sides placed in baby position. When your baby starts to stand by himself or herself, lower the bottom of the bed.

A bed that grow with you child

When you child is ready to crawl out of bed without any help, you can remove the sides of the bed. You now have a regular 70x120 cm bed.

When the bed becomes too short, simply change the sides and base of the bed with the junior kit. You now have a 70x150 cm junior bed.

Guardrails are available as an accessory if your child needs extra security. When the bed no longer is used as a bed, it can be used as a smart sofa in the teenage room.

The best way to experience the baby bed, the wood and its shape is to visit you local Leander retailer. Find your retailer now. Call in advance and make sure they have it in their showroom.

  • Baby bed: H: 94 cm, W: 70 cm, L: 120 cm
  • Junior bed: H: 54,4 cm, W: 70 cm, L: 150 cm
  • Moulded beechwood
  • Surface treated with water-based lacquer
  • Withstands up to 100 kg
  • An original Leander® mattress, ensures optimum comfort and ventilation

Included accessories

    Additional accessories available

    • Baby Mattress Frit 1000X1000
    • Bedding Zoom Light Grey 1
    • JPEG Samlebillede2
    • Leander Bumper 214400 42
    • Baby Mattress Frit 1000X1000
    • Sengehest
      Safety guard
    • Top Mattress 1000X1000
      Top Mattress
    • Sheet 1000X1000
    • Baby Mattress Frit 1000X1000
    • Leander Canopy Stick
      Canopy stick
    • Leander Canopy
    Vugge Seng

    - a life in growth -

    Sleep is important. Even for small super heroes. Sleep refuels the body and gives the little hero courage to set off on new missions. Sleep gives energy to learn. In fact, sleep is just like spinach. It makes you strong as an ox and filled with power to embark new adventures. 

    Illustration Zzz
    Illustration Baby

    A changing station can be used for so much more than changing nappies. Use it for baby massage, baby chitchat and eye contact. Therefore, decorate your changing station as something more than a workstation. Make it a cozy corner for both you and your baby.