High chair

The perfect fit – like Cinderella’s slipper

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Ever tried to sit in a chair that just doesn’t fit you? How did you feel? Most of us spend a lot of time searching for the right furniture for our homes. Do we spend just as much time on furniture for our children? The smooth curves of the Leander® high chair cup the child’s little back – providing firm support, even without a cushion.

Who cares about spilled milk? Check out my chair!

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A chair for life

The Leander® highchair is designed to move slightly with the child. After all, it’s designed especially for children – and children rarely sit still, do they? Not even when they’re sitting at a table.

Our highchair is designed to follow your child through many years. That is why we have chosen a quality that not only allows the chair to follow the development of one child, it can be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, the Leander® high chair is a really good chair for adults as well. Simply switch the food and back plate to ensure proper sitting comfort. Try it, before you buy it for your child - if you like it, most likely your child will too!

Why does the chair move?

The Leander® highchair is designed to move. And children move. It’s in their nature. The chair’s small movements make the child more conscious of his or her body and therefore more relaxed. Sticky fingers and spilt milk don’t matter that much now, do they?

Is my child ready for a high chair?

By the age of 6 months, most children are ready to sit in a high chair. At that age, most children are able to roll from stomach to crawling position and to sitting posture. Always remember to look at your child. The back should be straight and the child should be able to sit without support from cushions. 

The best way to experience the Leander highchair is to visit your local Leander retailer. Find your retailer now. Call in advance and make sure they have it in their showroom.

  • H: 83 cm, W: 55 cm, D: 56 cm
  • Weighs only 5.1 kg
  • Available in more colours
  • Made of moulded beechwood
  • Finished with water-based lacquer
  • Adjustable set, foot and backplate
  • A comfortable adult chair 

Included accessories

    Additional accessories available

    • Hoejstol Boejle 800X800
      Safety bar
    • Cushion Vanilla
    • Sele Til Hoejstol
      Safety harness
    • Bakkebord
      Tray table
    Highchair W Safetybar Illu2

    - a life in growth -

    You have probably heard it before: Turn off you mobile. There must be something to it, after all. Too much noise at the dinner table can make it hard for your child to concentrate – which may ultimately dim your child’s appetite. 

    Illustration Billedrammer
    Illustration Vaeggeur

    With birth, a long and exciting journey begins. Your baby will learn how to hold its head, control its hands, turn, crawl and walk. But to do so, your baby’s senses need stimulation. Encourage your baby’s development through movement. It strengthens the senses, balance and motor skills.