Samlet Billede

Share you great moments

The first smile, the first meal, the first hug, the first bed. Being a parent is something very special. It is an intensely emotional journey of little, magical moments that will make you forget that you are tired. That the laundry basket is full and that the floor is filled with crumbs. Little moments that turn even the cloudiest day into a joyful day.

Share your small moments and be part of creating a magical collections of little, unforgettable moments. Take a photo of your moment or write a small text explaining what makes you smile. Put it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag#leandermoments.

Quality furniture for life’s great moments

We are proud to make quality furniture that you and your child can bring on your journey. Furniture that has been made with dedication, care and love for design and great materials.

Tips on how to decorate a nursery

You may have tons of questions when you are about to buy furniture for your child. What bed should I choose? What chair is the best for my little superhero? Should my child sleep in a cradle?

Even though we do our very best to describe the furniture that are available on, you guys out there are the ones living with and using our furniture each single day.

If in doubt about what to choose or if you need inspiration for decorating your home with Leander furniture, take a look at Instagram or Pinterest. We are so grateful that a lot of the mums and dads who have chosen to live with Leander furniture share their photos with us.

Be inspired by the many creative and inspiring photos of nurseries with Leander furniture that are uploaded each day. Browse through these hashtags for inspiration #leandermoments, #leandercraddle and #leanderbed.

You are also welcome to follow Leander – find us at @leander_furniture.

Or share your moments with us and be part of inspiring others.