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Untraditional changing mat calls for cozy baby babble

Leander’s functional and exible changing mat is an all-in-one because it takes care of the baby just about everywhere.

Every family with young children has a special place for changing their baby’s diaper and where they can nurse their baby. The changing mat is traditionally made of fabric and needs to be changed and washed if something else than water lands on the fabric. The Danish brand Leander’s changing mat Matty, makes it easy to clean the changing unit without involving the washing machine.

Changing time is a valuable time for nursing and babbling with the little one while it is stretching and learning to connect with the near surroundings. However, this cozy time, can quickly be spoiled by a wet and dirty changing mat where you will need to change the cover. The changing station can quickly become everything else than the clean and safe foundation for interaction at eye level.

Easy to keep clean

Designer and Founder Stig Leander has taken up the challenge and designed a functional changing mat that is so and comfortable for the baby to lie on, and at the same time easy to clean for the parents. The result has become an all-in-one changing mat in a so, moulded foam material which is easy to wipe of and clean.
Matty the changing mat by Leander is free of unhealthy or endocrine disruptors, which is why you safely can place your baby directly on the so surface without a towel, cloth or another cover. Since the changing pad is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience with uids ge ing into the pillow and making a mess.

The changing station for everything

At the changing table, on the floor or in the bath. At home or on the go. Leander’s functional and exible changing mat is an all-in-one because it takes care of the baby just about everywhere. It means that Matty easily can replace the traditional changing mat placed on top of a drawer or a table, just as it works perfect as a guest changing station at the grand parents or at the summer cottage.

No matter where the changing mat is placed, the high moulded edges is a hygienic and safe place for the little child who safe and sound can lie and wriggle the arms and legs. The skid proof feet under Matty, as well as the special shape, gives the baby a safe place to freely wiggle and move.

Time for close contact

Nursing is important when it comes to the contact between the baby and the adult, and it is therefore important to have the proper base that can support the time being together and the close contact between the baby and adult. Changing the diaper becomes more than just a practical task when you have the Matty changing mat. The changing mat comes in several colors: Soft pink, pale blue, dusty grey and cappuccino. It invites you to enjoy clean and cozy times


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