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Danish design that makes children’s dreams come true

Sleep is an eternally relevant topic and for most new parents sleep is in short supply. Leander, the Danish producer of children's furniture, now lends newly minted families a helping hand and launches a new baby cot that makes the new life with small children easier.

Closeness creates comfort 

The Linea Side-by-Side bed is a bedside crib for the small baby, e.g. a cot that can be placed next to the parents' bed. This creates an extra sleeping space for the baby in the bedroom, and with the Side-by-Side bed, your family can be close without sleeping in the same bed. And as the bed is also equipped with two wheels, it can be moved to where the parents are, so that the baby can always be close - both day and night.

The height of the bed can be adjusted to match the adult bed height, and if the baby sleeps restlessly at night, you do not need to get up to soothe it. The bed’s side can easily be clicked down and you just have to reach out to stroke the baby’s tummy or find the dummy.

”By creating closeness between the child and its parents, we can help the child back to sleep. The bed's front can be opened with one simple movement and without turning on the light. This ensures the peace at night and makes the way back to the land of dreams easier for both children and parents,” explains Stig Leander, who is behind the new design.


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