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Linea BabycotProduktbillede 1000X1000 BoegProduktbillede 1000X1000

Look, I’ve got pretty finger joints

This is where a good and safe night’s sleep begins. We believe that a baby cot is more than a piece of furniture. This is where your baby restores energy to explore the world. We have designed a bed that joins the best of design, functionality and accessories - so that you can play with colours while creating a safe and cosy base for your baby.

Crafted for the quality-conscious design lover that knows great design is in the detail

Three flexible settings that allows your cot to grow with your child

A good night’s sleep with an original quality Leander mattress that suits your child’s need

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From baby cot to sofa

The Linea by Leander® cot is not just a baby cot. It grows with your needs. For your newborn baby, use it with the base raised to baby position.
When your child grows stronger and bigger, lower the mattress base to toddler position. And as your child grows even bigger and gets even more superpowers, simply remove one of the cot sides.
We know that your little one grows up so fast. The Linea baby cot can therefore be transformed into a classy sofa that fits both a teenage room or a living room.

Play with colours and create your own expression

Colours create space. They stimulate and add atmosphere – and they’re simply a must-have in your child’s nursery. The Linea bed gives you free hands to play with style and expressions. Have fun and mix and match the colours you like - on sheets, linen, bumper and canopy.

  • Baby cot: H: 90 cm, W: 65 cm, L: 132 cm
  • Available in oak, beech and white
  • Surface-treated with a strong lacquer 
  • Withstands up to 100 kg 
  • Three positions + can be transformed into a small sofa
  • Canopy stick and canopy can be purchased in several colors


Included accessories

    Additional accessories available

    • COMFORT+7_60x120 cm_cut
      Linea Comfort+7 mattress
    • Sengerand dark grey
      Linea sheet for baby cot
    • leander 21-03-2016112201
      Canopy for Linea baby cot White
    • Bedding Zoom Light Grey 1
    • Himmelpind på enden
      Canopy stick for Linea baby cot
    • Sheet Warm Purple
      Sheet for Linea baby cot
    • leander 21-03-2016112189
      Canopy for Linea babycot in misty blue
    • Linea Himmel Pink 1000X1000
      Canopy for Linea babycot soft pink
    • Leander Linea Sofa Cushion Foam 700824
      Sofa cushion foam
    • Leander Linea Sofa Cushion Cover All Colors 700825
      Sofa cushion cover

    The innovative design of Linea by Leander is not an attempt to keep the classic and organic Leander shapes at distance. It's a sophistication of what we love. Making design that matters.

    Being true to our design ethos and aim to create furniture that challenges materials and makes a difference to children and their parents, we need to explore new paths and new expressions.

    Linea has a modern, edgy look that s tailored to fit an urbane lifestyle.

    In Latin, the word Linea means line. The name is thus a strong reflection of the angles and lines that are distinctive of the collection. But it is also feminine. Sophisticated. And soft.