Leander Brand Pricess

Where did I put the screws?

Yes, we sell furniture for generations. Furniture designed to be passed on from generation to generation. But even a world champion in handling an Allen key can suffer from temporary memory loss. Memory may play a trick on you, when your furniture needs to be adjusted and changed in size.

Do you need spare parts?

Helping you assemble your furniture in a hurry is one of our top priorities. Leander furniture is designed for use and to grow with your child. The first thing we recommend you to do is to take a look in the assembly instruction that belongs to your furniture.

In the assembly instruction, you will find a list of the parts (hardware & fittings) that belong to the furniture. Find the part that you are missing, note the letter and number of the part, as you will need those when you are talking to you local Leander retailer.

If you have further questions just e-mail us at leander@leander.com. Remember to add name and number of the part/-s that you need and we will help you as soon as possible.