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Something wrong? want to complain?

Should you experience flaws and deficiencies less than two years from purchase, you should contact your local retailer. The retailer will help you with flaws and deficiencies that were present at the time of purchase – without any trouble and expenses on your part.

To ensure that your complaint is dealt with quickly and promptly, please pass on the following information to your retailer:

  • A picture of the defect/problem
  • A brief description of the defect/problem
  • The item’s production number (e.g. 126-101114), which you will find on the base of the furniture

We endeavor to always handle complaints as quickly as possible. Yet there may be cases where we have to contact our suppliers in order to find the best solution. This can mean that it takes a little longer to deal with the complaint.

If we find that the complaint is justified, we will normally offer to replace spare parts, or repair or replace your item.