Care and maintenance

Most Leander furniture is made from natural materials that need regular care and maintenance to keep its look and quality.


Wood is a organic material that needs proper care and maintenance. For daily maintenance, wash the woodwork with a damp cloth. Remember to remove surplus water. Please note that you may experience change in the color of the wood, if and when exposed to constant sunlight.

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Leather does not demand much care. However, a little care is needed to achieve the best result. You can wipe off the highchair safety bar with a moist cloth. Remember to remove any surplus water. Now and then, leather should be cared with leather fat or the like.

When you start to use leather, it may seem quite tight. But as the leather is used, it will expand and natural folds will appear in the leather. This is not a flaw in the leather or quality, but a completely natural process.

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You find washing instructions for your Leander textiles on the product and in the instructions.

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