Stigleander Portrait


Most of the wood used for producing our furniture is made of wood from large sustainable forests. The wood is FSC certified. In an FSC forest, no more trees than the forest is able to reproduce are felled. At the same time, FSC is a guarantee that animal and vegetation are protected.

We use primarily beechwood for our furniture. Beechwood is an ideal material for moulded furniture as it is strong, stable and flexible.

Furniture made from wood is painted with lacquer 2 or 3 times. The result is a simple and silky smooth surface that is both soft to the touch and nice to look at. We use only water-based lacquer in order to protect the environment. Water-based lacquer is just as wear-resistant as a chemical lacquer. And easy to wipe off and maintain. 

Tested and approved. Lacquer complies with the European standard EN71-3.

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