About the high chair

Children are active, even when they are sitting

Children want to be a part of the togetherness at the table, but they also like to move. The Leander chair is slightly springy and this gives the child a natural feeling of freedom of movement.

The safety brace and back are designed to ensure a correct ergonomic sitting position and the depth of the brace is adjusted without using tools.

The chair is steadily balanced and stands solidly on the floor. At the same time, it only weighs 5.1 kg so it is easy to move around.

The most recent requirements for safety are integrated into the soft lines of the chair’s design so it appears presentable and timeless in any interior and not just in “the children’s corner”.

”When the Leander Chair moves with the child, it has a calming effect and the child is more relaxed. The Leander Safety Bar offers a unique side support to even the very young children who have a tendency to lean. Leaning to the side is the worst sitting position for a child but few chairs take this into consideration. The Leander Chair is the first chair that I have come across which solves that problem.”

Inger Mentz
Pediatric physical therapist



  • The Leander chair is comfortably springy
  • The chair is adjusted to child’s age and needs
  • The depth of the safety brace is adjusted – without using tools
  • The back is adjusted for maximum support
  • The seat and footplate can be freely moved up and down
  • The moulded legs provide stability and stands securely
  • Also a comfortable adult chair (up to approx 125 kg)
  • Manufactured in moulded European beech
  • Surface treated with water-based lacquer