The concept

Stig Leander about the bed

“By observing children’s lives it became clear to me that the bed had to change with the child – and be part of the child’s universe.

The Leander bed follows the child so he or she does not experience those changes in the environment that can seem insecure in the world of a little child. The bed is constantly the same and can be adapted to the child’s stage in life.

I have retained the soft, oval expression and have deliberately designed the elements so they are not an angular system of blocks. I have tried to combine the simple, the functional and the aesthetic – and the materials had to be friendly and solid. I wanted to create a piece of furniture that delights and raises the quality of life.

The special shape also means that the bed is a natural and, not least, recognisable entity at all stages of development. Even though the bed changes and develops, it is still the same. Just like your child.”