Kommode Branding

A new look – but still the same on the inside

Welcome to the new and playful, online Leander universe. We hope that you like our new site and the visual universe that we have created. Even though the look is new, we are still the same on the inside. And more importantly, our beliefs are the same: Quality furniture that inspires and stimulates play, movement and creativity.

Bringing our values in front

For some time, we have felt the need for a makeover. But we wanted it to be done in a natural manner. It is important not to forget who we are, where we come from and what we stand for.

The new visual identity, therefore, communicates some our core values:

  • Design
  • Craftsmanship
  • Creativity
  • Personality
  • Quality

Words by the interior stylist

- Leander designs and produces furniture for children. This needs to be visualized in the identity. The idea was to combine a playful, somewhat naive universe with tight lines and simple and elegant colors on the large wall surfaces.

This adds a great and minimalistic look and creates a calm frame around the furniture that allows for the design to step forward rather than it drowning out by toys etc. The colors show that it is a Nordic brand with quality roots. To lighten the look, colors are kept in shades of pastel. A few simple contrasts as grey and dark blue have been added to enhance the furniture, Lene Rønfeldt explains who is responsible for the concept and styling of the new and playful universe.

Staging with an edge

Staging a real children’s bedroom by exaggerating with naïve drawings combined with real teddy bears and furniture adds an exclusive but edgy look to the universe.

With a simplistic and Nordic look the visual universe appeals to the modern family. The universe radiates play, attitude and quality. And in the photos, the furniture is under spotlight.