Special edition high chairs


These are some of the concepts that inspired Kicki Julie Jørck as she happily and proudly threw herself headlong into the project of painting 17 Leander high chairs. 

Kicki explains: “I first saw the Leander cradle when my boys were born. I’ve always seen the piece as something unique, sleek, elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It is a lovely play of refined features, and the same is true of the Leander high chair, which is more than just a high chair: it’s designed for play, happiness and movement.”

The project to paint 17 ‘special edition’ high chairs is based on Leander’s motto: Inspiring life. 

At Leander, we are truly inspired by life and a child’s need to play, learn, eat and sleep in secure surroundings. At the same time, our work is about creating the most inspiring conditions for life, from the very start. 

Try me!

The 17 special edition Leander high chairs are all going “on tour” to selected Leander partners in Germany and Denmark. Here parents to be and new parents can try the high chair themselves. Feel it. See it. Try it out! Imagine that you are a child. Close your eyes and aah... It’s more than just a chair. Enjoy!


Kicki Julie Jørck is a trained visual arts teacher who teaches layer-by-layer painting and earns a living from her art, which she creates at her ”Det Blaa” studio, located in the heat of Silkeborg, Denmark. Visit www.kicki.dk to learn more.


July 2013