Leander honoured with Initiative Award

A sister-in-law expecting twins marked the beginning of the company Leander A/S.  Stig Leander designed a unique cradle for his sister-in-law, which hung from a single point, making it possible to rock one baby while holding the other.

The twins are now 15 years old and over the years Leander A/S has grown to become a significant player in the market for high quality children’s furniture. The company’s furniture is now available all over the world. The man behind the company, Stig Leander, will receive the Initiative Award by the Silkeborg chapter of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) on Friday May 24, 2013.

“Stig Leander has shown that initiative, drive and courage can lead a company forward. With a strong focus on design and quality, he has created a company that we in Silkeborg can be proud of, and a company that is strongly deserving the Initiative Award,” says Peter Stampe of DI Silkeborg.

The cradle has won widespread praise from paediatric nurses and physiotherapists because it stimulates the child’s development and sense of balance. Today the cradle is one product in a range of children’s furniture that caters to the child’s needs with high quality materials and respect for good craftsmanship.

“In our product development, we think from the perspective of a child and consider their needs for security and development. And everything is in play as we constantly strive to make things better – from the quality of the materials to craftsmanship and the finished design,” says Stig Leander on the company’s philosophy.

Leander A/S sells its furniture in 40 countries worldwide. The company’s headquarters in Silkeborg is staffed by 10 people and has an annual turnover of DKK 35 million.

With DI Silkeborg’s Initiative Award 2013, Leander A/S is one of 19 candidates for DI’s National Initiative Award, which will be presented at a conference for smaller and medium-sized companies in January 2014.

May 2013