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5 great tips on how to choose furniture for the nursery

When you are about to invest in furniture for the nursery, several things should be on your list of considerations. To last a long time, nursery furniture should meet a number of demands. And at the same time, furniture is not replaced nearly as often as e.g. cushions and knick-knacks. Here’re five great tips on how to choose the right furniture.

1. How long is the furniture needed?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new item of furniture for the nursery is: How long is this item of furniture needed? No matter if it’s a bed, a dresser or a changing table. Do you want to invest in a piece of furniture that will last for many years, and which will fulfill various functions? Then, you need to look for quality furniture; Furniture that will withstand being used, even by children. Take a close look at the materials used. What are they? And are they produced with care for the environment? Any toxic substances and emissions?

Also consider if the furniture should be used for more than one function. For example, choose a bed that will grow with your child from baby to junior. This way, you will only need to invest in a bed one time. Or choose a dresser that you can stand to look at in the hallway or at the office when the changing time has passed.

2. Do you like a simple or gaudy look?

Decorating a nursery can be a difficult thing to do. Numerous elements need to interact for the room to interconnect. Unlike many other rooms, the nursery has more than one function. It is a bedroom when your child is asleep. It is a playground in which your child can immerse in play. It is a study where your child can draw and do his or her homework - Everything at once, and often in a few square meters.

If you want an item of furniture that can be used for several years, it is a good idea not to choose colors and furniture that are too strong. Instead, choose a simple and minimalistic expression and add personality and expression to linen, cushions and knick-knacks. Unlike furniture, accessories are much easier and cheaper to replace, as your child grows older.

3. Make room for play

Children take up a lot of space. And they are messy. When decorating the nursery, make sure to have enough floor space available. The floor allows your child to expand his or her game. Place boxes and shelves at eye level. This makes toys accessible when the game is well under way.

It is also a good idea to make room for your child’s favorite game. Does your child love to play dress up? Why not dedicate a corner of the room for just that? Have dresses, scarfs and Batman outfits within arms reach and ready to use. 

4. Think outside the box

When playing, children rarely think about the mess they are making. Building blocks are scattered across the floor. Books are taken off the shelves and the table is set for a doll party. When the game is over and it’s bedtime, it’s great to have a room that is practically decorated and easy to tidy up with for example storage boxes, a dresser or a wardrobe with plenty of room for clothes and boxes. 

5. Be inspired by others

The Internet boosts a wealth of websites, blogs and social media. It is a source of trends, ideas and practical advice on furniture and decoration. Try to search for “decorating a nursery” and you will see a lot of inspiring images and advice.

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Happy decorating!