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11 tips on how to eat more fruit and vegetables

Unleash your imagination and make lunch a place for laughter and a place to taste a bunch of fun and healthy foods. This is the advice from Charlotte Seeger, who is author and creator of the Danish knowledge portal A wonderful site filled with knowledge and tips on food, health and nutrition for babies and toddlers.

Giving your child the best start in life is one of the most important tasks of parenthood. Besides having a bachelor in nutrition and health, Charlotte Seeger is, above all, mother of two girls; Ellie and Asta.

Here are Charlotte’s 11 tips on how to make you child eat fruit and vegetables:

  1. Put fruit and berries in the yogurt.
  2. Put fruit and vegetables in you child’s packed lunch and on the lunch and dinner plate.
  3. Vary between different types of fruit and vegetables, but find out what types are your child’s favorites.
  4. Always make sure to place a small bowl with cut fruit and veggies, e.g. sticks of carrot, cucumber, pepper, apples or pear. Or small slices of banana, grapes and berries, when in season. Make a mash of avocado as dip with the vegetables.
  5. Serve vegetables for dinner.
  6. Use vegetables in stews, Bolognese sauce, lasagna, wok and chili.
  7. Make soups of pureed vegetables.
  8. Invite your children into the kitchen and get them involved in cooking.
  9. Use root crops in mash potatoes.
  10. If you are making vegetable juice, use the pulp in gravy for dinner.
  11. Use vegetables and fruit in all colours of the rainbow. Slice them into funny shapes and characters.

For more tips and inspiration go to (only available in Danish).

Enjoy your meal!