Leander Brand President

Assembly instructions

You have looked and looked, but you cannot find the screws that you need for changing your baby bed to a junior bed. Or maybe you are assembling your baby bed for the first time, but you have misplaced your assembly instruction. No need to worry! We have gathered our assembly instructions here for you to flip through comfortably, page by page - until you have screws and small widgets under control.

But, I don't need an assembly instruction

Are you the type who never uses an assembly instruction? The type who thinks: How hard can it be? Fair enough. Respect.

We have bend over backwards to design furniture that is simple to assemble. But we have also exerted ourselves to make our assembly instructions as straightforward and simple as possible. When you follow our guidelines, you have done everything in your power to ensure that your Leander furniture will last for many years. And is safe to use for your child!

A few, simple steps

In the assembly instructions, we guide you step by step and by means of simple illustrations through the assembly of your Leander furniture. In the instructions, you find information about spare parts, cleaning and maintenance as well as information about the guarantee that your furniture is covered by.

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