About the Stool set

Sit and play the right and funny way

Children have a great need to play, experiment and explore their surroundings. Movement stimulates children’s senses and joy of using their bodies.
The stool set from Leander is designed to support children’s need for movement and play while also stimulating and inspiring the child’s senses and development.

As children sit on the stools, their weight presses the front edge of the seat down; when they stand up again the seat automatically returns to its original position. The stools’ dynamic function gives children a naturally good sitting position in a young age and the ideal conditions for exploring their creativity.

Besides this, the stool set is simply beautiful and harmonic.

When not in use, both stools can be pushed under the table so that they do not take up more space than the table itself.

The stool set comes in white, whitewash and walnut.

Designed by Tina Schmidt and developed in cooperation with Stig Leander



  • Stimulates and inspires the child’s development and senses.
  • Supports children’s need for movement and play.
  • Combines movement with sedentary activity.
  • Supports the child’s balance in connection with growth and a changing new centre of gravity.
  • Correct posture / sitting position, as the child’s weight pushes down the front edge of the seat.
  • The seat automatically returns to its starting position.
  • Timeless Scandinavian design that combines function with simplicity.
  • Made of beech wood from sustainable forestry.
  • Surface treated with water-based lacquer to protect your child and the environment.