The concept

Stig Leander about the changing table

“The aim of the changing table was to create a piece of furniture that supplements the design of the other pieces of Leander furniture. They must harmonise instead of battling for attention and attempting to overshadow each other.”

With a quick restructuring, the changing table can be converted into a desk/workstation. Remove the bottom shelf and, if needed, the drawer. The tabletop can be set at the desired height. Standard desk height is about 73 cm.

The tall sides create an enclosed space, contributing the peace required to concentrate on your work – a modern version of a traditional desk. A discrete arc is cut in the tabletop, providing a hole for running cables down the back of the table. This keeps them out of sight and preserves the overall attractive appearance.

The changing table thus becomes a desk that meets your child’s needs during the first years of school, when it shouldn’t take up too much valuable play space in the bedroom. For adults, it provides an extra computer desk in the living room or kitchen-dining area that is discrete and stylish.

Stig Leander